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Are Women Better Drivers Than Men

A number of auto insurance providers offer lower premiums to their women customers. They have assessed them as a lower risk, so clearly they must view them as safer, more responsible drivers than their male counterparts.

The truth is, however, that the cost of your auto insurance premium is not really determined on the basis of gender. There are a lot of factors that go into the calculation of what you will pay, and the real issue is an evaluation of your tendencies as a person who drives.

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Now, according to insurance risk assessors, there are some things that might contribute to making males more likely to have an accident. Overconfidence for example. Some men are not cautious enough when driving because of an inflated view of their own abilities, and in some circumstances there is a tendency for males to show off.

Men can be prone to more aggressive attitudes than women, and this may be a contributing reason to why statistics reveal that they incur more speeding fines. The majority of road rage incidents involve men, and this often can result in collisions.

On average males also do more late night driving. They are more often behind the wheel after celebrations with their friends, and accordingly there they have a higher incidence of DUI arrests.

These are some of the negatives working against the insurance risk assessment of male drivers, but there are some positive factors about women that also contribute to them getting better deals on their premiums. Women, on the whole, do not drive as many miles as men. Given two options of where they need to go, they are more prone to choosing the closer alternative than men.

Women tend to drive more slowly, preferring not to feel out of control. Studies indicate that women are involved in road rage less frequently than men.

The fact that women more often transport children in their vehicle with them makes them more careful to obey road rules and be more deferring to other drivers so as to avoid collisions.

Insurance companies are aware of the statistics about women driving less frequently at night, and their lower tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is all taken into a count, as is the fact that the many working women today prefer to avoid rush hour and high density traffic zones.

So after all this, what do men have going for them when being risk-assessed for auto insurance? Males are statistically less likely to cause a collision resulting in property damage. There is the concern that some women engage in activities such as fixing their hair or applying cosmetics, even diverting their attention to their mirrors, at the same time as trying to drive.

Of course the only way to assess who is the “better” driver between a man and a woman would be to establish the identical driving conditions and requirements and test them.

When it comes to saving money on auto insurance, which everyone would like to do, women’s average record of more responsible and cautious driving tends to lower their premiums on the whole.

Once a man demonstrates by a clean driving record that they are just as careful, insurance companies are just as willing to reward them with the lower rates that good women drivers enjoy. So the main factor remains whether any person will be safe or risky on the roads.